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Uruguay is situated at a geographical area in which the weather favors the breeding of bovine and ovine cattle in harmony with the environment during all the year. For that reason we count on a varied offer of meat during all the period, combining freshness and taste in order to please the most demanding consumer.

Each animal has a pasture surface of 15,000 m2. This fact assures the animal wellbeing within an environment friendly framework, keeping biodiversity of fauna and flora, which constitute the condition of “sustainable production system”.

The use of any type of hormone for feeding cattle is forbidden by law. We therefore guarantee that the cattle are fed solely on vegetal proteins, with the absence of products or sub-products derived from animals.

Uruguay as a country which exports red meat has a wide profile in the international markets and is currently present in more than 70 countries of the world. It represents from the beginning of the century a reliable and consistent source of red meat of high quality.

General Information
Capital Montevideo, Mercosur’s Head office
Surface 176.220 km2
Surface devoted to livestock More than 80%
Earth 173.620 km2
Water 2.600 km2
Population   3:151.662 (Census 1996)
Urban population 90,8% urban
Rural population 9,2%
Inhabitants 18 x km2
Alphabetization average 97%
Life expectancy 72,4 years
Indexes of quality of life
Inhabitants per doctor in medicine 260
Population with potable water 98%
Average of electrification 98%
Bovine Stock 11 million animals
Amount of bovine animals 3,6 per inhabitant
Main breeds Hereford, Aberdeen Angus
Ovine stock 10 million animals
Amount of ovine animals  3,3 per inhabitant
Main breeds Corridale, Merino and Polewarth

Uruguay is one of the main exporters in the world
of bovine and ovine meat and has the highest
levels of domestic consumption.
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