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Industrial Plant
The Industrial Plant is situated in La Paz, Canelones, 20 kms form Montevideo Port and stretches over an area of 20,000 m2, which comprises 6,000 m2 of its buildings. Said Plant has a capacity to slaughter 600 bovine cattle and 2,500 ovine cattle per day.

Productive Process
Reception of cattle: Las Moras Meat Processing Plant receives bovine and ovine cattle on the hoof directly from the producing fields. When the truck with the livestock arrives at the premises, animals are lead to corrals where they rest before being processed.

Slaughter: animals are lead towards the slaughter area, where they are slaughtered by qualified workers, emphasizing the measures so as not to cause harm and ensuring the quality of the obtained slaughtered animals. Afterwards, carcasses are placed in refrigerated chambers waiting to be boned, during certain time and at refrigerating temperatures according to the existing regulations.

Boning: the front and back quarters of carcasses are sent to the boning room where different cuts are obtained, cooled and frozen. A staff of trained supervisors, which mission is fulfilling the requirements of customers, guaranteeing quality and innocuousness; is in charge of each detail in this process.

Las Moras Meat Processing Plant works under a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points ) system, supported by programs of pre-requirements: SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operational Procedures) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Uruguay adopts a system of animal traceability; through this process information regarding each animal is available: breed, gender, age, origin, movements, productive system, type of diet, administered drugs, process of transport, slaughter, processing and commercialization of products and subproducts.

Benefits of traceability
This standard enables a correct, effective and safe administration within the company, granting as complementary benefits, the guarantee for the control of production and the quality of products.

Uruguay adopts a system of animal traceability which fulfills the requirements of the markets concerning origin and good condition of the final product .

Camino Tomás Aldabalde s/n, La Paz. 90100, Canelones. URUGUAY
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MGAP Habilitation Number 104

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