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Our goal is to be the first option in the selection of meat products at international level, based on our experience and the quality of our products and services.

In order to fulfill this goal, we seek the benefit and total satisfaction of customers, reinforcing our ability to identify the customer’s wishes and needs, and to produce products which are adequate.

We believe that the best way to achieve our goal is to provide a quality personal service to each of our customers, as well as offering products of quality at competitive prices in the market.

Quality Policy
Being a highly competitive company, committed to produce safe products of quality, guaranteeing that those products fulfill the specifications agreed upon and the legal requirements, providing the infrastructure, human resources and materials that are necessary in order to achieve said goal.

Our vision is based on our firm commitment with customers on completely fulfilling their requirements and expectations. For that reason we assure the promotion of a culture of quality based on the principles of honesty, leadership and human resources development: safety in our operations, commitment on constant improvement and review of implemented systems, establishing a system of quality assurance which may be useful for the development, production and supply of refrigerated and frozen products.

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Experience and tradition guarantee
to producers and final customers
a relationship based on trust.
Camino Tomás Aldabalde s/n, La Paz. 90100, Canelones. URUGUAY
Tel: 598 2362 2119 - Fax: 598 2362 2419
MGAP Habilitation Number 104

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